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The Douglas Advantage

Douglas Machining Services is a precision CNC machining specialist shop, manufacturing burr-free tight tolerance parts from many types of metals and plastics. We provide the precision required by many leading edge industries that demand perfection.
Using the most innovative machines, Douglas produces highly accurate parts in as little as 1-10 business days. Typical turnaround varies depending on project size and intricacy.
CNC Machining is perfect for production of any quantity. 1 piece proto-typing and repair work are things we have become accustomed to as well.
Offers high precision tolerances ranging from .0005”-.001” depending upon customer specifications and applications.
Material Selection
Choose from thousands of metal and plastic materials. Our CNC machines can be programmed and tooled to handle a wide variety of certified materials.
Custom Finishes
Our partners help us provide many value added services which include different finishing and heat treatment types for your parts.


We can supply or replace many components involved in your production process that do not become a part of the end product you manufacture. These consumables may be parts of your machines such as fixtures, spacers, shafts, pins or specialty fasteners etc. Many of these items may be obsolete and hard to find, which makes machining a cost effective way to keep your operations going with minimal downtime.  Don’t have a print? No problem! We’d be happy to help reverse engineer from sample work pieces and take your broken or worn parts and make something new for you.
Let us become your OEM source for your finished products or various precision machined components. Whether you have a CAD blue print engineered and ready to send for bidding or you’re at the design stage and need guidance, we have the knowledge needed to help support you in the next steps. Manufacturers often turn to us to help choose the most applicable materials and to help decide the most cost effective way to produce the parts they are marketing. Let us help you save cost while still producing high quality, everlasting components that your customers have come to expect.
High Quality finish, vast material options and precise tolerances have made precision CNC machining a favorable technology for end use parts.