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Douglas Machining Services is a precision CNC machining specialist shop, manufacturing burr-free tight tolerance parts from many types of metals and plastics. We provide the precision required by many leading edge industries that demand perfection.

High Precision Custom CNC Machining Services

Fast Facts About Precision Machining

  • 5-Axis Turning can produce parts from diameters of 1/8” (3MM) up to 12” (300MM) and part lengths from 1/8” (3MM) up to 120” (3 Meters)
  • 4- Axis Milling can produce parts from lengths of 60” up to widths of 30” and as tall as 20”.
  • As machined, we can achieve 32 RA micro-inch finishes with additional polishing or grinding available
  • Precision machining includes turning, boring, drilling, hexing, milling, threading, broaching, slotting, key cutting and much more.
  • Running Gibbs Cam programming CAD/CAM Software
  • High Volume capabilities as well as simple one-off sample orders or repair type services
Our Mission

Our Mission

To exceed quality expectations by utilizing leading edge equipment to get the job done right and as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Customer Satisfaction

Your Reward

You’ll receive the most competitive prices without sacrificing quality or delivery by our innovative techniques.



As the centerpiece of our operation, we work continually to improve our methods to ensure the quality precision metal cutting services our customers depend on.

Looking For A One-Stop Shop?

Douglas Machining Services has the ability to take your print, sketch or idea and turn it into the parts you are looking to make. We’ll provide material and can include various value added services such as plating and heat treat as requested. We also repair, retrofit, and service many replacement parts or wear items in your operations. We are a premier supplier for your OEM needs as well.
  • Punch Pressing
  • Welding
  • Die Repair/ Repair
  • Aluminum Cold Sawing
  • Surface & Blanchard Grinding
  • Reverse Engineering

Multi-Axis CNC Turning Centers

  • 4” Thru Spindle
  • 12” Diameter Turning Capacity
  • 36” length Capacity
  • Live Tooling
  • Twin Turret Capabilities

CNC Vertical Machining Centers (VMC)

  • 30” X 60”
  • Lengths can exceed 10 feet with multiple operations
  • 20” max height
  • 4th – Axis Rotary tables
  • 3D surfacing and milling capabilities

Wire EDM

  • 12” X 12” Window
  • 6” depths
  • Tolerances as close to +/-.0001”

CNC Saw Cutting

  • Aluminum Cold saw for tight tolerance, burr free cutting
  • Automated cutting
  • Programmable feeds and speeds for various material types


Choose from thousands of metal and plastic materials. Our CNC machines can be programmed and tooled to handle a wide variety of certified materials.

Douglas Machining works with a vast number of materials. Below is a list of the materials we work with most often. If there are any materials that you do not see listed, please reach out and ask us about them.


  • RAluminum
  • RCarbon Steels
  • RAlloy Steels
  • RBrass
  • RStainless Steel
  • RExotic and Nickel Alloys


  • RAcetal
  • RNylon
  • RDelrin
  • RErtralyte
  • RNylatron


We use state-of-the art capabilities, equipment and focus on using the newest technology to keep up with the demanding market of precise engineered components.


Milltronics VM6030IL (x3)

  • 30Milltronics VM6030IL (x3)” X 60″ Table
  • 20″ Max Height
  • 15,000 RPM Spindle
  • 3D Milling Capabilities
  • 4th Axis Capable

Milltronics VM5025 (x5)

  • Milltronics VM5025 (x5)15” X 20″ Table
  • 10″ Max Height
  • 3D Milling capabilities
  • 10,000 RPM Spindle
  • 4th Axis Capable


Doosan Puma 240M

  • 3” Thru SpindleCNC Lathes
  • 10” Diameter Turning Capacity
  • 20” length Capacity
  • Live Tooling
  • Equipped with tail stock for longer work pieces

Doosan Puma 2600LY (2X)

  • Doosan Puma 2600LY (2X)Tolerances as tight as .0005″ total
  • Large tables- 16” X 48′
  • 16 RA Finishes
  • Thompsan and Chevalier

Doosan Lynx 220 LYS

  • Doosan Lynx 220 LYS2.5” Thru Spindle
  • 8” Diameter Turning Capacity
  • 36” length Capacity
  • Live Tooling & Y-Axis
  • Equipped with Tail stock for longer length parts

Nakamura WT-300 (3X)

  • Nakamura WT-300 (2X)3” Thru Spindle
  • 12” Diameter Turning Capacity
  • 30” length Capacity
  • Live Tooling & Y-Axis
  • Twin Turret- Multi-Axis Machining


Blanchard Grinder

  • Tolerances as tight as +/-.002″
  • 42” Diameter Capacity
  • Up to 20” tall

Surface Grinder

  • Tolerances as tight as .0005″ total
  • Large tables- 16” X 48′
  • 16 RA Finishes
  • Thompsan and Chevalier

Sodick Wire EDM

  • 12″ X 12″ Table
  • 9″ Max Height
  • Accuracy +/-.0001″

60 Ton Punch Press

  • Willing to punch parts using customer supplied dies
  • As quick as 500 parts/hour