Products Delivered With Superior Quality

Inspection & Quality Control

Douglas Machining Services attention to detail and quality is unmatched which has been a key ingredient to our continuous growth and success.  For more than a decade, our customers have continued to use our capabilities and services knowing we will get the job done right the first time, every time.

We have tailored our procedures to satisfy a large range of customer’s expectations and can add additional services when required or requested. For example: First article inspections and Inspection documentation.

We understand that you need the right tools in place to maintain the highest level of quality. Our climate-controlled inspection room houses various types of calibrated inspection equipment. We guarantee that we have the tools needed to not only do the job right, but to ensure its accuracy as well.


Added in 2017, this CMM or Coordinate Measuring Machine has given us the upper hand when it comes to inspecting intricate parts with tight tolerances. We now have the capabilities to accurately inspect parts as tight as 0.0002″ on a 19.5″ X 27.5″ table. Virtually any shape can be set up and repetitively checked with this new state-of-the-art inspection equipment.

Keyence IM-7000 Series: Our optical comparator instant measurement system was also added in 2017. It takes 99 micron-level measurements in just seconds and eliminates any error (accurate within +/- 0.0002 inch). It also creates automatic data records and inspection reports.

Keyence XM-Series Handheld CMM: Accurate within +/- 0.0002 inch and has the ability to obtain advanced 3D measurements anywhere, including the shop floor! This was added in 2018.

When quality matters, Douglas Machining Services is here for you!